Resuable gift packing kit

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Christmas packing kit:


1 tote bag

1 pcs of tissue paper

1 sticker



Resuable gift packing kit:


Pls note it will come seperately so you can wrap your

own items.


1 tote bag

1 pcs of tissue paper

1 to & from gift card

1 sticker

Velvet Ribbon


How to: Fold the items nicely, and add inside the tissue paper, close with the croissant sticker

and some tape at the ends. As little as possible if you wish to reuse the paper.

Place in totebag, fold in the straps, close side with 3 needles and try to make them invisible.

Fold the ribbon around and make a nice bow.

You have made a lovely wrapping, and the best part is that

the receiver can re-use the bag, paper & ribbon.


Re-use, re-duce, re-cycle – Re-love






















Please note these tissuepaper will be folded and sent to keep shipping as low as possible.







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Størrelse 35 × 25 × 2 cm


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